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About Lady Friday Event Personnel


Lady Friday Event Personnel began in 2016 when a gap in the market was recognized for private event assistance. Noticing an increase in backyard weddings and DIY events, our founder Nickie setup a small business to accommodate this niche. With a strong background in hospitality management and events (private and corporate), Nickie began working with event hosts to plan and deliver high quality, private events.

Lady Friday Events grew organically over the years, and began employing casual staff to assist with their events. Now, after a re-focus and a restructure, Lady Friday Event Personnel primarily provides specialised people for a range of private events NSW-wide. These include weddings, celebration-of-life functions, bachelor and bachelorette parties, baby showers, dinner parties, kids birthday's and more. Nickie also still provides a service to assist with planning and implementation of your event, if required!


Lady Friday Event Personnel prides itself on only employing the best people with extensive hospitality experience to assist with your event. Nickie's experience in the industry has given her a broad network, and the ability to find great staff who are in line with our values and work ethic. Contact Lady Friday Event Personnel here to find out more or to enquire; your resourcing requirements will always be met with a high level of experience, knowledge and professionalism.

Nickie Cunha setting up Lady Friday Event Personnel

Nickie back in 2016 setting up for 'Love on the Lawn' wedding expo; the launch of Lady Friday Events!

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